Changing a Generation That Changes a Continent for Christ

Help a Student Experience a Higher Education Through a Christian Worldview

African Christian University

African Christian University (ACU) was founded on the vision of seeking knowledge that is ultimately established in God’s grand narrative of scripture. ACU aims to build upon this foundation, embracing the breadth of all history and cultures to cultivate the knowledge of the humanities and sciences with a particular relevance to the past, present and future of Africa.

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The Unique Emphasis of The Biblical Worldview

Dr. Conrad Mbewe explains the major difference between the Christian and African worldviews. African Christian University places a unique emphasis on the Christian worldview while remaining relevant to the needs and challenges of the African context.

African Christian University

The first years of all ACU degree programs lay a biblical foundation using a semi-classical education approach, incorporating an African cultural context while simultaneously emphasizing the cultural mandate fulfilled in Christ’s redemption. Studying the breadth of humanities and sciences across history and cultures provides the groundwork for applying discernment to all aspects of life.

School Of Divinity

The need for sound, gospel-centered, indigenous theological education in sub-Saharan Africa is as great as the continent is vast, and the ACU School of Divinity will help meet that need. The ACU School of Divinity is a purposeful undertaking with the potential to advance the cause of Christ on both a local and global scale. If this is the kind of education that you are looking for, we welcome you to join us.

“Christians should not be confounded by the idea of a classical, Christian, liberal arts university; they should be confounded by the idea of anything else! How dare we deign to teach any subject from a ‘secular’ perspective? How dare we teach mathematics, biology or literature as though God has no say in the matter?”

– Dr. Voodie Baucham

Dean of Theology