The vision of ACU is to be an excellent tertiary education institution that glorifies God through training that is based in a biblical worldview, innovative, stewardship-oriented and truly African.


The mission of ACU is to educate students from the Christian worldview in the historic and contemporary body of truths through the classical liberal arts and sciences for all vocations and spheres of life by developing students’ discernment, discipling holistically, and equipping with practical skills.


Biblical Worldview
Christian Excellence
Holistic Education
Relevant for Africa
Faculty-Student Mentorship

African Christian University

African Christian University (ACU) is committed to championing common values that are hallmarks of Christian character in our given cultural context. The goal of ACU is to use a mentored approach to equip every student with the basic truths, knowledge, and abilities that allow learning and advancement of skills on both the individual and community levels. By promoting the unity and development of individuals in varying study disciplines, interdisciplinary applications and technical vocations, ACU prepares students to excel throughout and for their entire lives. Applying biblically-based discernment to studies across history, cultures and disciplines allows for flourishing of grammar, rhetoric and logic skills. Integration of effective labor and the various professions, services, and technical vocations that are most relevant to African developmental needs alongside the ability to learn through self-guided study and investigations produces servant-leaders who are able to create and implement positive undertakings in Africa. 

The Unique ACU Approach

The goal of ACU is to equip every student through a mentor-cohort approach with the basic truths, knowledge and abilities that allow learning and advancement of skills individually and in unity with others in any discipline of study, interdisciplinary application or technical vocation. This prepares individuals to excel in the wholeness of life.

Biblical discernment practiced through studies across history, cultures and disciplines sharpens grammar, rhetoric and logic skills to the highest academic standards. Integrating astute labor in various professions, services and technical vocations most relevant to African developmental needs combined with the exercised ability to self-teach through study and investigation produces servant-leaders able to entrepreneurially innovate benevolent treatment of Africa’s deepest needs.

ACU-USA Board Members

We thank God our Father from whom all blessings flow for raising up these servants of Jesus and equipping them for the leadership and direction of African Christian University for His purpose and to His glory. May He grant divine wisdom as the Board seeks to obey His Word in all things.

Dan Chittock

Rev., D.Min. Dan is married to LuAnn with whom he shares three sons, two daughters-in-law and eight grandchildren. For thirty-eight years he was in pastoral ministry with the last twenty-three shepherding a church in metro Detroit. It was during this time he was introduced to ACU and served his first term on the board of ACU-USA. Five years ago he retired from vocational pastoral work and currently is employed by Edward Jones as a financial advisor. He and LuAnn are members of Redeemer Community Church in Pittsburgh. Since January of 2022 he has served as chairman. 


Tim Connor is married to Lois, the father of 3 grown children, and is a member of Bethesda Baptist Church in Allan Park, MI where he serves as Deacon supporting several ministries. Mr. Connor has been in the Marketing Communications business for 35 years serving the big three auto companies and their dealership networks. Mr. Connor is the owner and CEO of Alteris Group, LLC, Alteris Group Media, LLC and Alteris Group of Canada Inc. The three companies provide various automotive clients with Marketing and Training services that drive performance and engagement with a variety of stake holders. This is the second term for Mr. Connor to serve on the board of ACU USA. His focus as a board member is to serve the marketing needs of ACU in the US.  

Gary Godwin

Gary and his wife, Sue Ellen, have shared life for thirty-seven years. They are blessed with a son, Benjamin, his wife Jamie, and two grandsons. Gary was raised by Christian parents and trusted the Lord as a teenager. He and Sue live in the Des Moines, Iowa area and are privileged to worship and serve at the same church in which Gary grew up. He owns Godwin Packaging, a company focused on food processing packaging. He brings to the board a heart for the Gospel to be advanced and experience with agricultural-based companies.

World Class Faculty

The African Christian University boasts in the work of the Lord through world-class, qualified, competent, Christian, and seasoned faculty who teach across the breadth of the humanities and sciences.

Dr. Conrad Mbewe

Dr. Conrad Mbewe

Director of Advancement and Faculty

Dr. Voddie Baucham

Dr. Voddie Baucham

Dean of Theology and Faculty

Dr. Paul Kayumba

Dr. Paul Kayumba


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is the difference between ACU-Zambia and ACU-USA?

ACU-USA and its separate board of members exists to serve as a structure to raise support for the ongoing work at the African Christian University in Lusaka, Zambia (ACU-ZAMBIA).

Is this a seminary?

Although we include a divinity school that trains pastors and chaplains as part of our offerings, we are also a Christian University. We provide education in a wide variety of the humanities and sciences by utilizing a biblical, Christian worldview.

What types of degree do you offer?

We offer both undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

What courses do you offer?

Our initial courses are in Agricultural, Business, Education, Theology. And in the school of divinity, we offer one graduate in Pastoral Theology with the prospect of offering more classes in Institutional Chaplaincy, Masters in Theology, Masters of Divinity, and Doctorate in Philosophy in the near future.

How much does it cost?

The cost of ACU is dependent on the degree you choose to pursue. For more information concerning the costs of various programs click here.

How can I help support ACU-USA?

There are several ways you can help support the mission of ACU. Donations can be made directly through our website. These donations can be earmarked to be used for a student in any of the areas of study you choose. Alternatively, you can contact us and we can provide you with a list of students who are in need of support, and you can direct funds specifically to them. Or, you can simply reach out to us and we can provide more detailed information about some of the key areas where the university could use the most help. Support.