Praise God, ACU is Registered!

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The prayers of innumerable saints have persevered for years for the registration of ACU to operate as an institute of higher education in Zambia. Thanks be to God, today His providence met our pleas. ACU has received the Certificate of Registration.

The Lord has certainly ordained these delays for the continued preparations of ACU and its stakeholders to initiate operations. We thank God for the display of His grace in the working of His will through this process. We have learned first-hand the immense need for a moral-based, character-shaping education in Christ through ACU.

Please, rejoice with us as we see God’s mighty hand at work in bringing ACU to Zambia while benevolently assisting all of the other higher education institute applicants that have been awaiting Zambian registration. Please pray that the Christian worldview education that ACU is bringing to this culture in the power of the gospel will transform the status quo of corruption which hinders progress and development. Pray that ACU will help equip students to subdue this culture in the righteous renewal of Christ in all vocations and aspects of life so that the name of Christ will advance towards rightful exaltation in Zambia, Africa and globally.


Soli Deo Gloria,