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Our son, Mapalo Bwembya, completed his Grade 12 in 2016. As parents, we wondered what he would be doing between then and University. We had heard about ACU during the Reformed Family Conferences. So we thought we should go for it, and after discussing it with him, he agreed.

The folowing reasons influenced our decision to send Mapalo to ACU: what we had heard from the presentations by the students and the Vice Chancellor during the family conferences, the Student Labour Programme offered, and its approach to teaching with a biblical world view was another attraction. The Scholars Programme has excellent academic and hands on education.

Mapalo’s experience can help others understand the significance of an education at ACU. The one at the top is what we have seen of him wanting to serve God as the opportunity avails itself. There was a time when the chiropractor came and Mapalo wanted to be one of the people to be involved in evangelising to those who were coming to the tent which was pitched at the mall. Mapalo has learnt to use his hands and not wait for hand outs. He has been using a camera to raise some funds, and he is learning the art of it. He is learning to be an entrepreneur. The labour skill he has been getting at ACU has made this possible. He is also perfecting his guitar playing which he has been able to do through the choir ministry.

Mapalo has talked highly of his mentorship time with Dr. Turnbull because the discussions he has been having have been all encompassing. They do not only discuss academic issues, but all that is involved with life from a biblical view point. We can say that there are very few universities in the country and beyond that would give mentorship programme to students at an individual level. Our testimony about the mentorship programme with our son is that they have helped him to decide what he would like to study for his Degree programme and have also helped him discover and consolidate his God given talents and gifts.

The Disputatio has done magic in Mapalo’s life. He was not very confident to stand in front of people. Dr. Baucham trained him in speaking and more so to stand and speak in front of his class, which later was extended to him speaking at the Family Reformed Conference in August 2017. That was a milestone for someone who when you ask to speak in front of people would reject the opportunity because he was afraid he would stammer. We were very happy to hear how he had performed.

The Scholars Programme provides a platform of working hard in terms of class performance. He has learnt to read a lot and work under pressure. He would call home and talk of how he has to read so many books because there will either be a test or preparing for Disputatio. Due to the programme on the Bible’s Grand Narrative – a Bible overview of God’s historical Mission, Mapalo has gotten to learn a lot about the Reformers.

To put the cherry on the cake, Mapalo told his older brother, David, that even though he had completed school at UNZA he wasn’t as prepared for society as Mapalo was. This is all because not many Universities “introduce a solidly biblical, gospel-saturated worldview as the foundation for all academic studies and practical labour.”

We would encourage other parents to send their children to ACU, our son’s character has really been developed and thanks to all members of the Faculty who had a hand in his life.