Your Business for Missions / Interview with Mayomba Siamuzovu1023

This short article addresses the question – is there a role for business in efforts to extend God’s kingdom in Zambia and Africa? Our interest is to explore how business and its intrinsic values can be harnessed and deployed to help grow and consolidate the reformed movement in Zambia and beyond. Here I make a heroic assumption that my readers are aware of God’s gracious hand in reviving biblical preaching in Zambia and the founding churches that hold to the reformed tradition. Leaders of Zambia’s reformed churches are burdened with planting churches in the country and to support reformation on the continent as a whole. Despite this, the reformed movement in Zambia is still young. Away from Lusaka (and the Copperbelt to a certain extent), churches are struggling to retain a stable membership and a level of income that supports their core functions including paying their pastor. The face of reformation outside Lusaka is typical to what we see in most African countries. The twin needs of growth and consolidation are as necessary today as they were at the beginning. Could business play a role? How can this be done? . . .

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