A Biblical Worldview. Why the Fuss? / African Renewal in Christ / Student Testimony


It is not difficult to tell what worldview someone holds on to. There is nothing magical about it. As I interact with people from various walks of life, I am intrigued at the “lenses” through which they view life around them, even those who profess faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Quite a few embrace a secular worldview. To them, what they see and feel is all there is to life. There is nothing beyond what we relate to with our five senses (remember, it is not five brains). Others (probably these are the majority among both Christians and non-Christians) hold to a “spiritual” worldview that is tilted towards African tradition rather than biblical teaching. They dread dreaming about snakes, owls sitting on their roofs, black cats running through their yard/garden (whichever you prefer) and entertain the weird belief of spiritual spouses. Yes, you read me right. Quite a number of Christians also hold on to this type of “spiritual” worldview. . . .

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