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“Well, now, Ray, where do you intend to find these teachers you are talking about?”

The question was asked by a pastor I had just heard speak at a conference in California not long ago. I had approached him to tell him how much I appreciated his message. Our conversation turned to my recent presentation of the vision of ACU. I looked him directly in the eyes.

“That is a very good question and presents quite a challenge for us,” I replied.

“You see,” he elaborated, “I know a lot of college professors, even in Christian colleges, but few, if any, of them teach out of a biblical worldview like you presented.”

Ouch! His observation was not offered with malice, but I thought it was a stinging commentary on the state of Christian academia. And I explained to him that it appears that part of our job will be to help professors teach out of a biblical worldview.

But, as often happens, the conversation caused me to ask the question, “Why?” Why is it that so few Christian educators actually think, and therefore teach, out of a biblical worldview? Why is there a disconnect between the adage “All truth is God’s truth”1 and the actual content being taught as if God does not exist? Why does so much of “Christian education” seem to simply be secular education with devotions attached? Why?

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