How Should We Train Ministers? / Christian Attitude to God’s World and Education / Interview with Borniface Mbulo


Assuming one agrees with the premise of my last article, and is committed to training ministers, the next question to be answered is, what should that look like? What is required of a minister? How are those requirements to be met? And what type and level of training must one receive in order to be equipped to serve in a pastoral capacity?

In his book, Why Johnny Can’t Preach, T. David Gordon argues that the move from a typographic (book based) culture, to an electronic and image based one has had negative consequences for the art of preaching. The move, according to Gordon, has meant that people in general, and preachers in particular, no longer reap the benefits of reading and writing regularly, or practicing the ‘close reading of texts’ required by exposure to higher forms of literature, such as poetry. Accordingly, men do not possess the requisite skills necessary to read and interpret the Bible in deep, meaningful ways, nor are they able to organise their thoughts and communicate them articulately, or effectively. Consequently, we find ourselves in somewhat of a quandary. Today, before ministers can be taught to preach, they must be taught…

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