Reaching forth unto those things which are before.” (Php 3:13)


The unique physiology of the giraffe is well documented by scientists. It’s height and build require very specialized blood pressure control mechanisms to allow it to survive and function. Its sheer elegance reveals the beauty of the Creator, while the complex design features reflect God’s intricate precision for functional details beyond full comprehension. We pray that one day ACU will stand as such a testimony to the beauty of our God and the exquisite care for detail that He demonstrates at every step. We see clear evidence of His hand at work in the 425 Campaign. During the challenging economic times that we have been through, He still orchestrated a steady growth to bring us from 75 up to 133 partners who have committed to supporting ACU with $25/month. Let us acknowledge His grace as He supplies the needs through finances, through prayers and through those being called to serve.

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