ACU Has Begun! / Interview with Chali Tumelo-Chakonta / Interview with Koketso Mmekwa


I hope you’ve had a chance to either meet, read a testimony or hear from one of ACU’s pioneering students. The Scholars Programme, a Christian worldview, pre-university program preparing students for entering university, was initiated in March 2016. From small beginnings, the outcome is already producing abundant fruit.

The first 25 students are completing the second term. Of those students, 21 students are sponsored through Family Legacy, an organisation for vulnerable children coming from various secondary schools around Lusaka, one student is from the stake-holding Reformed Baptist churches, and three students are from the Tembisa township of Johannesburg, South Africa. Significant academic improvement has been observed in nearly all of the students enrolled. However, the most overwhelming testimony has been the spiritual impact that has been experienced through the first two terms of the Scholars Programme…

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