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Suppose you woke up one day and decided that you wanted to see how Christians set themselves apart in their field of work. You might begin by looking at the Christian musical artist, who seeks to fill her songs with beautiful flows of musical cadence, harmony and lyrics that edify the listener. You could look at the Christian who is a banker, and how he seeks to build a reputation of integrity and honesty in his financial transactions. You might even look at the farmer, who seeks to work faithfully in his fields, cultivating and stewarding his crops and caring for his animals. However, when it comes to the sphere of mathematics, you may have to look closely to find what sets apart a Christian from an unbeliever.

To properly understand “Christian” mathematics, one must also have a definition of what mathematics is. Over time, the definition and purpose of mathematics has evolved as the discipline has changed. Some would say that mathematics is simply a tool that can be used in real life situations to quantitatively relate abstract ideas to real world problems. Others define it as a language used to discuss abstract ideas of quantitative relations. Still others would explain that it is an art form that mysteriously relates the real world to the abstract. While all of these brief definitions are true in their own sense, they all leave out a vital part of the equation; they leave out the Author of mathematics.

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