Interview with Tamara Nyirenda

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By Lisa Turnbull


1. Why did you decide to attend the Bachelors Programme at ACU?

My decision to attend ACU Bachelors Degree Programme came about firstly due to my changing of courses from medicine at Lusaka Apex Medical University to business course during the last six months of 2017, for the purpose of having a career that I am passionate and vision driven for. Secondly, it was due to the way of teaching in which ACU teaches, based on a Biblical worldview where I can learn to apply it in my career, as well as the teaching of more than just the mind but the whole person.

2. What courses are you taking this term?

The courses I’m taking this term are: Basic Latin, English Composition, Mathematics of Liberal Arts, History of Thought, Old Testament Survey as well as the supra curricular courses.


3. What has been the biggest challenge in this first month at ACU?

Due to the change of environment and way of learning, it has been a bit of a challenge to situate myself into the new way of learning with the holistic approach that I may be built up not only mentally but spiritually also.


4. What has been the biggest blessing in this first month at ACU?

The encouraging atmosphere that is found at ACU, where I can not only grow well with the help they lend but still be the person God made me to be. The friendly nature of my fellow students and everyone around me has been a great blessing.


5. What are your thoughts regarding your interactions with the faculty and staff?

I have found each interaction I have had with the faculty and staff to be caring and kind-hearted people who have given me encouragement and an understanding of a way to live life in a way pleasing to God (a Biblical worldview).


6. How can we pray for you?

-For God’s continual grace that I may work hard in all of my given work. And to overcome any challenges.

-To be an encouragement and blessing at ACU.

-To Glorify God in all of my studies.

-God’s continual Providence for my school fees.