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Transformation begins when we experience salvation in Christ. It’s only from that foundation, through the power of Christ at work in us, that we can be “transformed”. Transformation means we are changed from what we were in our fallenness, without God, to what God desires us to be. He desires us to reflect Christ in all we do.

Education alone can’t do this. It’s a work of the Holy Spirit. Educating the mind to know God through His word and His creation will contribute to renewal of the mind, but only because it is done in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, not simply through building up the mind or intellect through coursework.

Holistic transformation means that the “whole” student’s life is effected. So the very core aspects that motivate someone – their will and effort – are being changed.

ACU’s curriculum and efforts in discipling students should always keep the whole person in focus – centered on their renewed life in Christ. If successful, the student’s character should reflect a progressing transformation as their education progresses. Holistic transformation will reflect God’s glory in the student’s life.