Staff We Seek

We pray for God to call out His laborers who will serve as staff at ACU. We trust God to call both African and international Reformed believers who can serve in this task. Many of the same qualifications for faculty will also be relevant to staff (See “ACU Faculty“) as they will also serve in discipleship and evangelism relationships with students.

We are praying that God will call His laborers for this task who meet the following:

(a) Those who live and serve according to the Reformed traditions encapsulated by the five Solas (See “About ACU“, the “ACU Faculty Affirmation of Faith” and the “ACU Core Values“).

(b) Those who desire to understand all truth from a Biblical worldview so that everything that is taught through their discipleship and lifestyle will reflect the preeminence of Christ to the glory of God (for a brief overview, see the “ACU Biblical Basis of Education“).

(c) As a cross-cultural effort for all of our non-African staff, the job requires the added privilege, and responsibility, of learning the rich, national culture of Zambia and, to the extent possible, familiarizing oneself with the African worldview in order to communicate most effectively while having the most significant impact in student’s lives. While Zambia is English-speaking, enculturation becomes challenging as the language may be in common, yet the cultural and worldview separation may complicate the clear communication of intended meaning. This is a unifying work of the university community in assisting our international members in this task, and we believe the Holy Spirit uses these efforts to clearly demonstrate the love of Christ through each person, allowing evangelism and discipleship to take on the “meat” of relationship building.


Positions of Need

The staff positions at African Christian University are often changing and flexible due to the large needs of a developing university. Click on the appropriate link below to read a job description of each position that we are currently looking to fill. You may submit your application for staff here. These job descriptions are future-looking, realising that the positions will likely evolve into larger roles, as the school develops.

Academic Dean

Administrative Assistant

Construction Project Manager

Student Labour Programme Director

Business & Education Faculty