ACU has been developing through the initial planning and vision phases towards the first academic program offerings. ACU will proceed as God enables according to this projected timeline.


ACU Gantt 2015 update


By God’s grace we have seen the following important milestones:


2008 Dec Elders of the Reformed Baptist Churches of Zambia (RBCZ) agree with Dr. Turnbull on ACU vision
2009 May ACU-Zambia Board of Directors formed
2009 Jul First Conference presentation on ACU made by Dr. Ken Turnbull at IICS
2009 Aug ACU presentation by Dr. Ken Turnbull at U.S. Center for World Missions
2009 Oct ACU-USA Organisation and Board of Directors formed to support ACU
2009 Nov Concept drawing of the ACU campus completed
2010 Feb 501(c)3 charity status granted to ACU-USA
2010 Mar Incorporated in Zambia as company limited by guarantee (501(c)3)
2010 Sep 425 Campaign launched in USA (seeking 400 partners giving $25/mo)
2010 Nov Dr. Mbewe and Dr. Turnbull initiate ACU promotion in USA Midwest tour
2011 Apr Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa shares ACU vision touring the Eastern USA
2011 May ACU-RSA non-profit organisation initiated by Dr. Turnbull in South Africa
2011 Jun Dr. Ken Turnbull and family arrive in Lusaka to help initiate the project
2011 Aug Initial sharing of the ACU vision at the Reformed Conference in Lusaka
2011 Sep ACU vision shared for first time at the Sola 5 Conference in Livingstone
2011 Nov ACU article by Dr. Ken Turnbull published in Mission Frontiers Journal
2011 Dec ACU and Sovereign Grace Theological Seminary (SGTS) combine
2012 Jan Strategic Planning Meetings to refine approach toward academic programs
2012 Oct ACU Board Development Workshop is facilitated by Dr. Victor Nakah (O.C. Africa)
2013 Jan 2 USA donors give $50,000 and $20,000 for ACU campus construction
Sufficient funds donated for the initiation of Stage 1 of Phase 1 construction
2013 Apr A Library Book drive is initiated in the USA
2013 Sep Dr. Ken Turnbull completes a 4 month USA tour to raise support for ACU
An ACU Library Shipment campaign is initiated to raise $12,000
Zambian “450 Campaign” starts – 400 Zambian partners giving K50/mo
2013 Oct Wilson Tembo becomes ACU Dean of Students sent out from the Lusaka churches
2013 Dec Sufficient funds raised to initiate the ACU Library Shipment from the USA
2014 Feb ACU Office headquarters founded in Ibex Hill, Lusaka
2014 Mar Initiate support raising through Lusaka churches for ACU office developments
2014 May Library book shipment arrives from USA
The first “Taste of ACU” reaches many prospective parents & students
2014 Jun Kendra Hawley arrives in Zambia as the first ACU Librarian
2014 Aug Davey Hoffman arrives in Zambia as the SP Maths Instructor
2014 Nov Voddie Baucham accepts position as Dean of Theological Education
2015 Aug Baucham family arrives in Lusaka
2015 Nov Carlos Paul family arrive as Theological Education Faculty
Family Legacy agrees to recommend ACU to their high school leavers
2016 Mar ACU is registered with the Zambian Higher Education Authority
The first Scholars Programme starts