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 Chisamba Developments Moving Along

2015-05-01 16.11.16

As the preparations for the coming year are underway at the office in Ibex Hill, the future campus plot in Chisamba is quietly being developed.  This past week saw the completion of the caretakers house, along with a gate to help deter unwanted guests.  The house was constructed as an addition to the structure built by squatters earlier this year.  It is now large enough to house the caretaker and his family.

As this construction is happening on the small scale, ACU is also looking at the big picture.  The land has been surveyed again so that the architect could continue designing the campus layout.  This was necessary as the formerly mentioned squatters had bulldozed a portion of the land.

The current plan for the first phase of construction is to begin with facilities that include student housing, a large multi-purpose building for chapel and classes, and a small office building.  Lord willing, ACU operations will be able to move onto the land by the beginning of 2018