My Degree Program experience

By Simbi Uwishaka I remember the way I felt at the beginning of the year. A nervous excitement about what possibilities lay ahead for me in the year. Looking back at this year, I realize that my experience was not … Continued


Our son, Mapalo Bwembya, completed his Grade 12 in 2016. As parents, we wondered what he would be doing between then and University. We had heard about ACU during the Reformed Family Conferences. So we thought we should go for … Continued

An insiders Perspective

By Lisa Turnball It is hard to believe that we have just graduated another Scholars Programme class! We at ACU find it a great privilege to be on the frontlines watching the transformation that happens in the students’ lives over … Continued

I get it now

By Musunga Mwansa Perhaps I have simply underestimated the hypocrisy of Christians. Growing up ‘Churched’ so to speak, I have been saturated with the idea preached Sunday after Sunday about the need for Christ and his name glorified to be … Continued

Status of Quality in Construction Industry

The Scriptures reveal to us that after God created the world He stood back in appreciation and confirmed that it was VERY GOOD! (Genesis 1:31.). Yet many of us who have called out a plumber, carpenter or builder to carry … Continued


  This is a matter that burdens me because there is a lack of appreciation of history among us as Africans. We study history primarily to pass our exams and the moment we do so, we throw it away as … Continued

ACU Faculty Development Workshop Series

ACU Fundamentals – A brief overview presents the unique fundamentals of the ACU Education Philosophy. Topics will include: the Grand Narrative Framework; the Creeds/Confessions; the Puritan Directive; Discernment; the Classical Influence (e.g., Socratic Method, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Disputatio, Personal … Continued

The Grand Narrative in a Postmodern Age (Part 1)

Dr. Ken Turnbull, ACU Vice-Chancellor Civilisations are united, built and progress on vision. There must be a narrative that brings commonality to people through the past and unity to purpose in the present. The narrative must offer promise that carries … Continued

Christian Scholars’ Week

How is it that the academic community has completely done away with the overarching reality that knowledge is ultimately as a result of God himself granting us both the intellect to process information and the authority to subdue it? The … Continued