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Friends of ACU

The “Friends of ACU” campaign seeks partners for a 10 month duration to support special projects with monthly gifts in 3 categories:

10 Gold Friends of ACU giving K1, 500 (times 10 months will result in K150, 000)
20 Silver Friends of ACU giving K1, 000 (times 10 months will result in K200, 000)
30 Bronze Friends of ACU giving K500 (times 10 months will result in K150, 000)

We pray that many will consider becoming part of Friends of ACU by identifying and selecting a category that suits them in order to further support ACU.


Current Needs:

Listed below are several projects and items that ACU is currently in need of


Photocopier  An office photocopier sufficient for class and administrative work that can print,

scan, and copy.


Office Security  After the recent burglary, we were advised to upgrade security.  For this we’re seeking burglar bars on the windows, an electric gate system and a door between the offices and public spaces.

electric gate  WIN_20141009_112808  Window  Hallway Door




Security Vault  Along with the security needs of the offices, there must be a place where valuable electronics can be securely stored.  A vault would give the space needed, as well as the security.


How to Help or partner with Friends of ACU

If you would like to help us in acquiring these different items, feel free to contact us, or check out our support pages.  Partners page for those outside of Zambia or South Africa: Here /  Zambian and South Africa support page: Here