Archived Prayer Updates

2019 Prayer Updates

Month Title
January Meet our interim VC / Interview with David Bwembya / Prayer and Praise
February ACU is not a seminary... But it has one / Reflection on Orientation Day /Prayer and Praise
March -
April Christian Scholars Week 2019/ Prayer and Praise
May Why Mentorship / Interview with Hannah Chiwala / Prayer and Praise
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2018 Prayer Updates

Month Title
January First year of classes For the Degree Programme/ Prayer and Praise
February Second year of classes for the degree Programme/ Prayer and Praise
March Semi-Classical Christian Education in Zambia/ Interview with Kunda Kalifungwa/ Interview with Tamara Nyirenda
April ACU Scholars Week/ Library Needs/ Interview with Mr. Ntobeko Mjijwa/ Interview with Mutini Cheta/ Prayer and Prais
May Why study "History of Thought" / Support an ACU student/ Interview with Constance Inonge Sianga/ Prayer and Praise
June Africa's Underdevlopment/ Reclaiming the Mind of God /Interview with Eli Mukotshi / Prayer and Praise
July Board Leadership and Financial Advancement/ Why Chrisitan Educaction is Neccesary /Prayer and Praise/ Interview with Chilanji Mhone
August Strengthen our hands for the good work
September -
October -
November Valedictorian Speech by Chilanji Mhone/ prayer and Praise
December 2018 Thanksgiving by Prashant Thakkar/Prayer and Praise
Month Title
January Our Hope is in the Lord/ Heavenly Perspective/ Brothers, Pray for us!/ Sharing in God's Work/ Toward an AFRICAN, not Merely Zambian, Christian University
February Does the Great Commission Apply to Education?/ An Interview with Wezi Chibalani, ACU Office Manager/ Update and Future Plans / Praise and Prayer
March Needed: Christian Educators with a Biblical Worldview/ Help ACU Disciple in the Student Labour Programme/ Praise and Prayer/ Friends of ACU
April Mathematics to the Glory of God/ Christian Education Offers Hope/ Chisamba Campus Update/ Friends of ACU/ Prayer and Praise
May The 450, 425, 200 (and soon 315) Campaigns/ Let Light shine out of Darkness/ An interview with Mofya Phiri/ Prayer and Praise
June Work and Student Labour/ The Christian Virtue of Humility in Education/ ACU Update/ Prayer and Praise
July The Anticipated Effect of Christian Worldview Education on the Economy in Zambia / An Interview with Ernest Mwansa, ACUZAM Board Member / Prayer and Praise
August From Darkness to Light/ The Christian Educator as Preacher (Part 1 of 2)/ Great Things He Has Done/ Prayer and Praise
September The Christian Educator as Preacher (Part 2 of 2)/ “Expect Great Things from God; Attempt Great Things for God”/ Library Update/ Prayer and Praise
October Whole-Life Discipleship/ Why Volunteer/ Prayer and Praise
November A Call to Serve/ What is Christian Worldview Education?/ Prayer and Praise
December The Expected Impact of Christian Worldview Education on Business in Zambia/ So you want to volunteer? Interviews with two young Zambians / Prayer and Praise
Month Title
January Comments from Leadership / Expanding the Library / Matters for Prayer/ Matters for Praise
February G3 Conference Update/ ACU Spotlight on Mr. Wilson Tembo / Book Review/ Matters For Praise / Matters of Prayer
March Liberal Arts for The Christian, Pt. 1/ Interview with Ronald Kalifungwa /Founder’s Midwest Regional Conference Update/ Matters for Praise & Prayer
April Liberal Arts for The Christian, Pt. 2/ A Taste of African Christian University/ ACU Headquarters / Matters for Praise & Prayer
May Christian Volunteerism/ Spotlight on Mutinta Suchali/ ACU Library Update: The Jonathan Edward’s Library/ Matters for Praise & Prayer
June The Purpose Statement of ACU/ Interview with Kendra Hawley/ A Taste of ACU/ Matters for Praise & Prayer
July The Teacher as Mentor/ Testimony of a Young Volunteer/ Campus Construction / Matters for Praise & Prayer
August A Holistic Christian Worldview: Creation/ Paul Kasonga: Lamba Church Leader/ Scholars Programme Delay/ Matters for Praise & Prayer
September A Holistic Christian Worldview: The Fall (Part 2 of 4)/ Anasi Lupunga: Pastor, Father & Prayer Warrior/ An Interview with Phil Bailey/ Prayer and Praise
October A Holistic Christian Worldview: Redemption(Part 3 of 4)/An interview with Davey Hoffman/ ACU Update/ Prayer and Praise
November A Holistic Christian Worldview:Consummation(Part 4 of 4)/Report from the USA/ An interview with Gladys Mposha/ Prayer and Praise
December The Fine Line/ An Interview with Voddie Baucham/ Update and Future Plans /Praise and Prayer