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2017 Dec The proof of pudding is in the eating/ God’s faithfulness/ 2017 Review / The Proof
2017 Nov My experience at ACU/ My degree program/ Prayer and Praise
2017 Oct Why you should send your child to ACU/An insider’s perspective/A parents perspective on the scholars programme
2017 Aug Knowing History Better Equips us to Serve God / Volunteerism
2017 Jul Status of Quality in the Construction Industry / The Student Labour Programme / Interview with Daniel Munsaka
2017 Jun Knowing History Better Equips us to Serve God / Interview with Musenge Katontoka / ACU Faculty Development Workshop Series
2017 May The Grand Narrative in a Post-Modern Age (part 1) / Interview with Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa
2017 Apr Equipping to Fulfil the Cultural Mandate / Interview with Dumisile Daka
2017 Mar A Biblical View of Work and its Implications for the African Work Ethic / Interview with Musunga Mwansa
2017 Feb Education and God’s Mission / ACU Faculty Development / Student Interview for the BA Programme
2017 Jan ACU Valedictorian Address / ACU: A Local Church Ministry / Interview with Leya Gordic’
2016 Dec Year-end Summary ACU Chancellor Mbewe / ACU Vice Chancellor Turnbull / ACU Board Chairmen
2016 Nov ACU’s Impact on the Students / A Visit to ACU/ Interview with Elizabeth Mwelwa
2016 Oct Order and Peace in the Creator / ACU Update / Interview with Given Kababu
2016 Sep Your Business for Missions / Interview with Mayomba Siamuzovu
2016 Aug ACU Has Begun! / Interview with Chali Tumelo-Chakonta / Interview with Koketso Mmekwa
2016 Jul How Should We Train Ministers? / Interview with Bornface Mbulo
2016 Jun Must We Train Ministers? / Interview with Tshepo Rathiaya
2016 May A Biblical Worldview. Why the Fuss? / Interview with Prashant Thakkar – ACU Office Manager
2016 Apr The Importance of Critical Thinking in Africa / Student Orientation / Student Quotes
2016 Mar With Much Thanksgiving / African Renewal in Christ / Interview with Nalukui Maggie Sakufiwa
2016 Feb The Significance of Practical Education for Development of Agriculture in Zambia / An Interview with Ben Kilian
2016 Jan Waiting with Engines Revving / Strengthened Hands / Confident in God’s Purposes / Opportunities to Glorify God / The Vision in South Africa
2015 Dec The Expected Impact of Christian Worldview Education on Business in Zambia / So you want to Volunteer? Interviews with Two Young Zambians
2015 Nov A Call to Serve / What is Christian Worldview Education?
2015 Oct Whole-Life Discipleship / Why Volunteer / We Need Books
2015 Sep The Christian Educator as Preacher (Part 2 of 2) / “Expect Great Things from God; Attempt Great Things for God” / Library Update
2015 Aug From Darkness to Light / The Christian Educator as Preacher (Part 1 of 2) / Great Things He Has Done
2015 Jul The Anticipated Effect of Christian Worldview Education on the Economy in Zambia / An Interview with Ernest Mwansa, ACU-ZAM Board Member
2015 Jun Work and Student Labour / The Christian Virtue of Humility in Education / ACU Update
2015 May The 450, 425, 200 (and soon 315) Campaigns /Let Light Shine Out of Darkness / Help ACU Disciple in the Student Labour Programme
2015 Apr Mathematics to the Glory of God / Christian Education Offers Hope / Chisamba Campus Update
2015 Mar Needed: Christian Educators with a Biblical Worldview / Help ACU Disciple in the Student Labour Programme / Friends of ACU
2015 Feb Does the Great Commission Apply to Education? / An Interview with Wezi Chibalani, ACU Office Manager / Update and Future Plans
2015 Jan Our Hope is in the Lord / Heavenly Perspective / Brothers, Pray for Us!
2014 Dec The Fine Line / An Interview with Voddie Baucham / Update and Future Plans
2014 Nov A Holistic Christian Worldview: Consummation / Report from the USA / An Interview with Gladys Mposha
2014 Oct A Holistic Christian Worldview: Redemption / An Interview with Davey Hoffman / ACU Update
2014 Sep A Holistic Christian Worldview: The Fall / Anasi Lupunga: Pastor, Father & Prayer Warrior / An Interview with Phil Bailey
2014 Aug A Holistic Christian Worldview: Creation / Paul Kasonga: Lamba Church Leader / Scholars Programme Delay
2014 Jul The Teacher as Mentor – Building Relationships / Testimony of a Young Volunteer Who is Starting a University
/ Campus Construction
2014 Jun The Purpose Statement of ACU / Interview with Kendra Hawley / A Taste of ACU
2014 May Christian Volunteerism / Spotlight on Mutinta Suchali / ACU Library Update: The Jonathan Edwardís Library
2014 Apr Liberal Arts for The Christian, Pt. 2 / A Taste of African Christian University
2014 Mar Liberal Arts for The Christian, Pt. 1 / Interview with Ronald Kalifungwa
2014 Feb G3 Conference Update / ACU Spotlight on Mr. Wilson
2014 Jan Reflections and Outlook from ACU Leadership
2013 Dec Praise and Prayer
2013 Nov Scholars Program – Computer Skills / Anne Phiri / ACU Temporary Campus
2013 Oct ACU’s First Vice-Chancellor / The ACU Logo / Library Shipment Campaign
2013 Sep Library Shipment Campaign / ACU’s First Chancellor / 2013 Zambian Conferences
2013 Aug Principle Over Pragmatism / ACU-USA Director of Development
2013 Jul A Preacher’s Library / Carlos Paul / Seeking Help
2013 Jun The Bible’s Grand Narrative / Chris & Keren Hays / ACU Library Donations
2013 May Marvelous Things / Renewing of the Mind / LBC Mission Conference
2013 Apr Kingdom Education / ACU Education / Seeking Help
2013 Mar Artisans of Excellence / Dr. Preston Sprinkle / Seeking Assistance
2013 Feb The Master’s Vessels / Dr. Billy Sichone / Farewell to Linda
2013 Jan Look Ahead at 2013 by: Ken Turnbull, Conrad Mbewe, John Chundu, Irving Steggles and Dan Pentimone
2012 Dec Another Year of God’s Grace / Is There a Difference in Christian Teaching?
2012 Nov God Will Provide for ACU / An Example of Holistic Education
2012 Oct Foundation for Holistic Education / Roderick McDonald / A New Assistant / ACU Board Development
2012 Sep The Erosion of Education / African Conferences / ACU-RSA Board Meeting
2012 Aug Rev. David J. Wegener – Dean of ACUS / Warwick Road Trip / Upcoming Conferences
2012 Jul Dr. Cheryl Snyder / Seminary Announcement / Improvement of the Mind
2012 Jun Institute of Excellence / Pastor Makashinyi / Zambian Account
2012 May ACU Land / TLI Partnership Opportunity
2012 Apr Answering the Call / ACU Day / Mbewe Tour
2012 Mar ACU Seminary / Zambian Pastoral Support / Strategic Planning
2012 Feb Discipleship and Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Africa
2012 Jan Student Labor Discipler / Seminary Student
2011 Dec God’s Grace in 2011 and Hope for 2012
2011 Nov A Call for Labor Disciplers / Publications
2011 Oct A Faithful Pastor / A Faithful Prayer Warrior
2011 Sep Student Labor Discipler / Conferences