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By Lisa Turnball

It is hard to believe that we have just graduated another Scholars Programme class! We at ACU find it a great privilege to be on the frontlines watching the transformation that happens in the students’ lives over the school year.

The year always begins with orientation on the Friday before classes start which is organized by Mr. Davey Hoffman. The students arrive unsure of what to expect and who their classmates are. They are hesitant to open up, but by the end of that day, they have begun the journey of becoming a family that cares for one another.

When the first day of classes begins, they are introduced to a biblical worldview in their education in all of their classes: Language Arts, Maths, Critical Thinking, Computer Skills, Study Skills, Disputatio and the Bible’s Grand Narrative. Most of them had never considered that a biblical worldview could be impacting on anything but church, so they are a bit surprised to learn how the Bible is relevant in every area of their lives.

The next transition that happens is in the area of the Student Labour Programme. Prior to attending ACU, the students had a perspective that work is a curse, and the schools reinforce that by using it as a punishment. It doesn’t take long before they realize that work is not a curse, and it is actually what God has called each of us to do! The faculty and staff come along side them teaching them new skills and encouraging them in this important area that needs much transformation.

By the time the year with the students has come to an end, we have become family. We have mentored them in Truth. We have walked with them through their journey of learning how to apply biblical truth to every area of their lives for every day of their lives. We have observed them develop a good work ethic that is focused on serving others as they serve God. We have watched their hearts grow in kidness to meet the needs of those around them. Their critical thinking that has matured which alows them to be more discerning as they are faced with life’s challenges. They have been transformed by the Holy Spirit, and we had the privilege of being there with them all along the way.

Those of you that live in Zambia, I hope you will talk to some of our graduates to get their perspective on what happened in their lives during their time with us. You will be happy you did!