ACU logo

The ACU logo expresses the biblical and cultural foundations upon which the university is founded. The vibrant variety of colors is representative of the flags of countries across the vast African continent. The colors are as diverse, yet beautifully cohesive as the people of this stunning continent.

The African traditional shield proudly displays ACU’s cultural heritage of strength and perseverance.

The central yellows represent the hope of transformation through Christ at the core of all we do, while the borders of red represent the blood of Christ which encompasses all that God’s grace has enabled us to be and to do.

The African continent, foremost in fertile green, represents God’s rich blessings upon the continent in created, natural resources.

The three crosses represent the centrality of redemption and judgment of humankind through Christ’s cross in the center. The outer two crosses represent humankind through the two thieves who hung at Jesus’ sides. One was redeemed through Christ’s forgiveness while the other was condemned through Christ’s righteous judgment on sin. In the same way, the gospel works through humanity making those in Christ to be the fragrance of life to life for some and the fragrance of death to death for others.

Finally, the redemption of Christ stands preeminent, above the Word of God in blue, the color of the skies that surround us as the Word of God is our surrounding source of all truth. This truth guides us in the way of knowing God and His righteousness in Christ for all of our good works. Likewise, the cross of Christ stands above the Word of God as the mercy seat upon the ark of the Law is the place of propitiation where God and man are reconciled in the holy of holies through atonement in the blood of Jesus Christ, our High Priest.

The book also represents the knowledge that is freely accessed by those with the mind of Christ to pursue with all vigor and tolerance knowing that humans, created in God’s image and transformed in Christ, are to create culture. This requires the highest levels and greatest breadth of education and technical skills to subdue the earth, fill it, cultivate and keep it as God’s stewards.

May ACU stand firm on these founding principles as the surrounding ring of the emblem symbolizes infinite continuity.