ACU Construction Campaign from African Christian University on Vimeo.

Architect Johan Pretorius (Archscape – Pretoria, South Africa) has provided the concept drawing for the full ACU campus development. Development in phases is planned with students learning through their labour with practical training and discipleship. The target date for starting residential classes on the campus is Jan 2018.

The Phase 1 campus development will include the initial three structures shown (upon clicking image above) plus accompanying student and staff residential facilities. Further details can be requested at

Below are architectural plans and drawings of Phase 1 construction. Along with the three main structures and the amphitheater (right) are residential housing plans and renditions of the convocation center entrance and the lodge facility accompanying the housing (left).

The following table provides cost estimates for the Phase 1 construction plans:

Phase 1 Coat Estimates
We pray that God will call out those who can give:

  1. in service [Contact Us],
  2. in prayer, and
  3. of their resources from the Lord to financially support ACU development.

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